Monday, June 06, 2011


so in an effort to both breathe new life into this blog that's been dead for a while, and take more breaks from my very left-brained focused tax accounting day job, i decided to start this blog back up from scratch. gone (well archived at least) are all the prior posts from life in bermuda and new york. today i left work at a somewhat reasonable hour and decided, after dinner, to get a rhapsody music playlist going and redesign this blog a bit.

i've been wanting to get back into some of my music and art hobbies a little more. this has been a product of not only my trip to cambodia last year, where I relearned the importance of disconnecting from work, the tv, the computer, the facebook...but also my recent move out of my very cramped apartment to one where i now have the space for a drafting table, my computer desk, and my music. my guitars are no longer stored under my bed or cramped in a closet! i finally have my sanity cave (pictures to come) all set up.

so here's hoping i'm able to consistently disconnect and go elsewhere, where excel spreadsheets can't go, and my right brain can come out to play. i have some art classes coming up that i'm really looking forward to. also starting to play around with digital art a bit more too. i'll be sure to share what all comes from this...

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