Monday, November 07, 2011

Back in the nation's capital

so i made it through another tax season.  september and early october tend to be crazy with annual tax filings and quarter end deadlines falling within a few weeks of each other.  think i see a tax season grey hair that popped up.  i tell myself it makes me look distinguished, not old.

first half of this week i'm at a tax conference in DC.  i need the CPE credits and this is an "interesting" (loosely defined) one.  it can get a little dry sometimes depending on the speaker...i'm actually writing this as the speaker talks about individual tax reform.  not too relevant for my job but oh well.  looking around this room, i'm definitely one of the youngest people here.  also i have yet to see someone else in jeans.  i'm so professional.
an added bonus of the conference is i get to hang out in DC for a bit.  i do love this town.  got here a few days early and toured the sites/museums a bit.  the sites never get old for me.  it's been sunny but on the chillier side, but the National Mall was still bustling with people playing football, ultimate frisbee.  it's a ton of walking but it has been nice being back.  based on a friend's recommendation, checked out graffiato, an italian restaurant last night and it was awesome.  this conference ends on wednesday and hoping to get a little more sightseeing in before heading back to cali on saturday...

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