Wednesday, October 31, 2012

somethin's homebrewin'...

been wanting to try brewing my own beer for a while.  a friend sent me a link to a sale at BevMo for the Brooklyn BrewShop's Beer Making Kit.  It was only $20 for a one gallon kit, and it included the ingredients for the first batch (what a deal!).  The sale is still going on at BevMo (online and in stores) if you want to check it out.   

this kit came with an IPA ingredients kit.  i'll post pictures of the brewing process.  it was kinda fun.  thankfully i had been saving empty beer bottles to use for the homebrew.  thanks to Google/YouTube, found an easy way to soak the bottles (in water/oxyclean) and the labels peel right off.  then rinsed them off with some soap and water.  will be designing some labels too cause why not? 

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